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FAB.COM - Guys, I’m obsessed with this site. I check it every day and want to buy everything even though I have no money. I’ve posted my invite link before, but I’m doing it again cause if you join today you get $10 of site credit automatically for Cyber Monday.

It’s basically an invite-only site that sells awesome artsy things from vendors all over the web at a discount from their normal online prices for 3 days, and there are 10 new vendors every day. If a bunch of you join with this link I may get site credit, which is awesome, but I wouldn’t recommend it here if I didn’t love it myself. So if you’re a fellow design nerd and lover of cool stuff you should definitely check it out :).

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Luke Jerram is a genius in the art of creating sentimental rings. 

To propose to his wife, he created a silver ring with lines etched in it like a record. With a miniature record player, it plays a 20-second recording of him asking her to marry him.

For their wedding, he created a ring that contains miniature family portrait slides that can be projected in a dark room when a light is passed through it. As his family grows, photos of his children can be added.

What an awesome dude.

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